The House Exhibition (2010)

Curated by The YMA Collective

Artists: Alma Rit, AnnetteCurtain, Charlie Bartlet, Freddy North, Mathilda Robins, Mrs Karin Dreijer, Nathan Chenery, Penny Whitworth, Sally Cherrytree, Sookie Stackhouse, Stanley Blythe, Tallulah Kettlepot, Wendy Champagne, Willow. & other anonymous artists.


“In order for a work to attain its status as mail art, it must have made the transition between one address to the other via the postal system.”

Held in the home of members of the YMA Collective, the “House Exhibition” was a one-night event/exhibition of mail art. All the work show was sent via post to the exhibition address, thus qualifying its inclusion in the show. As part of the evening the YMA offered an Art Raffle; 24 stamped and unaddressed envelopes containing original works by the curators of the show were assigned a number. Everyone to buy a ticket drew out a number corresponding to one of the works, they then wrote their address on the envelope, which was sent to them after the event.